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you know i got to have online calendars i still understand google calendar. well it's great for using paper and then i try it one time turns out it's shared with my mother for some reason or she's asked me why i have an appointment to get my ear herpes checked out all right yeah right so much better integrated. guy i know my back to the point. just this week it came out that the cia is teaming up with the defense industry to try to sync trumps peace talks with north korea because they basically just anonymously leak whatever they want to make sure we remain at war there's like anonymous sources. do a doll drums face. peace talks are off that's all they are. the military weapons industry have no interest in peace they need peace is much a fish needs a sandstorm this is why corruption looks like it's completely unaccountable
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completely completely amoral and like i said this didn't start with donald trump in fact most of the right did you. did. most of the former obama administration has taken a job on through the revolving door the revolving door tango right and now they're all on the boards of weapons contractors scandal filled corporations like hoover or working for law firms defending big banks even obama himself has signed a multi-year deal with netflix one can assume it's millions of dollars changing hands with that deal if this were any other country that would be considered a thoroughly corrupt state media deal but in the us. maybe obama will be in an episode of stranger things. ok even if you do recognize it if i thought he nailed the part i really did now it's not cool it's big.
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corruption you've heard of peak oil this is big corruption it's an oligarchy completely unaccountable to the working and lower class scott pruitt should be only the first of countless to get kicked out and the only way to do that is with a systemic call troll yes he died for a chance to live to break it up to do because he was a kid the belly the bases the redactor the no. thank. you well lead can now let's take the news from behind since we just talked about corruption let's do the reverse and talk about what a true populist leader looks like as opposed to
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a fake populist mexico's president elect andres manual as over door who the people call amato has pledged to slash his presidential salary and is refusing to live in the presidential a state. ted. said i want to live in a mansion of any kind all right now compare that to donald trump who said he was spending so much time at his golf club because it's that white house is a real dump. in his defense the white house only has one hundred thirty two rooms and thirty five bathrooms i mean is that any kind of residence for an evil villain like a true evil villain you got to be allowed to live on the far side of the moon in an ice fortress or some. on low also said he'd be selling the presidential plane and banning top officials from crisscrossing the country. in private jets and
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helicopters yes rob. on the other hand takes a private helicopter to the copying machine ok he has people carry him for a walk down memory lane i. don't give a. campaign stop strong hires a guy to kiss babies for him. not because you don't like babies just because he doesn't like poor babies you know what what if their lack of privilege were to rub off it's contagious just gross anyway the point is mexico is elected a true leftist it appears and if there is one and yeah there's one thing we've learned about leftist governments they always fail miserably after a cia backed intervention this is. a right. to do you want to become the next venezuela mexico you better watch yourself you better treat your people like or else we're going to come in and do it for you ok we're we're good
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we've been working on it. moving on after the supreme court decision a few weeks ago saying that workers don't have to pay union fees even when being represented by the union it's billionaires have already started funding fake workers to starve those unions of fees basically billionaires want to make sure unions collapse just there don they have no power to stop the final exploitation of the american worker so that so they paid people to go door to door and be like hey i want it done at the plant and we should all stop paying union we don't have to do it which factory. oh you know the fact that you and i were there. chrysler can see. the whirlpool plant right here where we should have some crazy times out. through that time we good tennis balls in the ventilation ducts.
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you know. anyway this is the end of the game fogs corporations are hiring fake workers to destroy unions their hiring fake protesters to pretend to fight for oil pipeline they're paying online troll farms to defend their brand they're basically they've basically created a fake world of poles bubble to live inside that we're supposed to believe they create coups with us backed forces that they tell us are popular uprisings that they fake chemical attacks and manufactured acts of bolt hillary clinton tells us she has hot sauce in her bag right and donald trump tells us he's very smart itself whilst still the world we're living in but soon they're going to have to really step up their game because as the environment collapses the ruling elite are going to start you know putting up plastic trays and hiring little people in squirrel costume. rats in fish out of some puddle dogs dressed
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up to look like bald eagles. you can't fool us nature's dead is in it no no no there's a draft right over there. why i said suresh smoking a cigarette. on that cheery note we have to go to a quick break but you can get more of my stuff at sema dot com atlee camp and on twitter adly camp and at redacted the night on twitter we'll be right back with a lot of our our . camera. roughly once the show salute you for the. future cool video is doing well. and someone with the broccoli string and.
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one string i don't really don't t.v. . well good welcome back this next story is about a natural resource that the u.s. is constantly fighting over big surprise nearly going to war over i'm talking of course about breast milk all right. this brings you into world health assembly u.s. officials rejected a resolution to promote breastfeeding internationally. breast milk to survive those first few years of life until we graduate to whiskey. we're discussing is our registered extremely dry nurse naomi go. wrong why would the us oppose a breast feeding baby so babies don't need it those dairy parasites already got nine months of room and board and they for free what more do they deserve you know
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some babies don't even have day jobs. so you can bring breast feeding that socialism is a well like socialism breastfeeding is spreading fast in the developing world soon the lack of speech and economy will destroy the baby formula industry at the u.n. meeting the u.s. have to pressure ecuador to drop the resolution for breastfeeding so other poor countries would nationalize third then us. if i do or refuse to washington would unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid so we went to korea now and now the nickel ok wait. oh surround it comes out with your bottles of so we can fill them with way protein concentrate cornell to the extreme potassium phosphate soy lecithin a sore break acid yellow. breast mcculloch has natural ingredients
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nutrients and antibodies and and in many areas formula is made with contaminated water because the people don't have clean ok some scientific research says that if all mothers worldwide breast fed eight hundred thousand deaths and a loss of three hundred billion dollars could be avoided each year. you put airports around everything you know it sounds to. me i mean can we really trust these baby scientists sure a baby can distinguish between that which is a boop and that which is not a boob but i've seen some of them fooled by joe we. there are scientists who focus on babies they're not babies scientists yes yes we need to feed children but more importantly we must feed our pockets look at my wallet isn't getting some big time really good. companies like nestle and abbott worked hard in
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laboratories so you mothers can keep your breasts in your bra and kick back those beers without squirting budweiser milkshakes down your baby's face and unless that's what you want on tap that's up to you you know so you want to see of corporations over motherhood all right listen mama's boy since the nineteen seventies nestle has been accused of aggressively marketing formula which may have led to high infant mortality rates in low income countries but today nestle change their ways and they don't break international codes by saying they're chalk dust is the same as the booby broth. this flea markets it's infant formula closest to inspired by following the example of human breast milk in several country. does that mean it's. really really is very generous and hospitals in the
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philippines nestle saleswomen give out free two week samples there are tricking desperate moms after two weeks the mom stop lactating if the baby doesn't get. their start of the formula tricking is the heart of good advertising i myself developed a new baby formula that's also inspired by milk musha. it's made with honey peanut butter shellfish and mercury. it's delicious. and. i know. we've find out what the babies are allergic to bright away. grooving on in conformant isn't the only way to drain money out of the poor there is also the exciting field of predatory lending for more on this we go to our truth
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bomb that we mcgill. raise your hand if your credit score is the same number as a hit movie about the persian wars. now raise the other one if you're so broke you're this close to falling go one dollar bill want to string into a windowless van but there are millions of americans so cash strapped that that scenario may seem tempting it's why many have seen unsolicited loan checks for thousands of dollars and up in their mailbox courtesy of installment lending businesses business is that no americans are desperate for cash as a p.b.s. pledge drive in a red state. especially when its residents call it boosting socialism
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installment lending businesses are owned by private equity firms whose investors thrive on a business model that specifically targets the poorest americans who are unable to pay the loans back businesses like mariner finance one of those people was a tennessee man named steven hudgens who was so desperate for car repair money that he cashed a twelve hundred dollars check from mariner finance oh. only to be sued by mariner within a year for over thirty two hundred dollars hutchens told the washington post it would have been cheaper for me to go out and borrow money from the mob hudgens is the victim of a business model that's whorish to ever since the federal government crackdown on the payday lending industry. and while payday lending is shady enough you could probably figure that out because the person pitching quick and easy cash looks like you missed a st patrick's day parade after doing a line of green coke off the show laili installment lending has the potential to
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drag you even deeper into debt than payday lending ever did and in the case of error finance they made their money by lending at branson as high as thirty six percent making millions of dollars by charging borrowers for insurance policies of questionable value operating an insurance company in the turks and caicos where regulations are notably lax and aggressive allegedly practices that include calling delinquent customers once a day and embarrassing them by calling their friends and relatives whatever mariner finance your calls don't even come close to making my friends and relatives pity me the way my solo dance parties have for the past year. but if anybody should be embarrassed it should be the people who work for the private equity firm that owns mariner finance a new york based firm called warburg pincus. warburg pincus actually does this control an eleven point two billion dollar private equity fund that manages baron
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or finance all under the leadership of firm president timothy geithner obama's former treasury secretary timothy geitner. the guy who bailed out the banks a decade ago when the housing bubble burst but you don't want to get it. when you need someone. the poor over twice you know someone with experience that you're became president of warburg pincus and twenty thirteen just after they bought mirror finance for two hundred thirty four million dollars back then there were only fifty seven mariner finance branches in seven states today it now operates more than four hundred fifty branches in twenty two states so while only white and less we fight against a capitalist system that exploits the poor while inflating the rich. then maybe one
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day in stead of a person they are still our credit score will be the same number as this atari game system. reporting from outside america finance that only may kill that. there are your headlines from the future in one week you'll read that scott pruitt kept up at night by thought he could have killed one more polar bear. and in august you'll learn trump installs double decker hot tub and why they also if you live like a regular american. that's our job or if you want to little more check out my good bye to our friend ed schultz at you tube dot com last redacted tonight he was taken from us far too soon until next time goodnight binding.
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so you both being looked at as your last few steps. she doesn't get into the business of going to sleep. what i mean. think. of another guy making love doesn't matter. really i look so good when someone he can use he has nothing to buy. because you're in the form of the view. almost humorous of their baby bottles in
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the north and the woman he pulls over the phone my room. where we'll talk to. is this standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back in the back but a waistband they cop is not going to sit did give them the benefit of the doubt because people shouldn't be reachin in their waistband with cops have guns trained on them same police don't move. in a world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. this is r t international i had learned news this saturday it's the big world cup weekend here in russia the three top places will be decided in the next forty eight hours. first up it's the penultimate match in a couple of hours which will see belgium go head to head with. a third place playoff and it takes place in petersburg. in other news we're covering this hour the united states charges twelve russians with hacking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election and that's just days before a highly anticipated summit between president donald trump.
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welcome to our brian i'll have your weekend use update a little bit later but first billions of people are going to be chewed to russia this weekend for the grand finale of the world cup twenty eighteen so time then that we caught up with our top team it's live to the moscow rooftops neil harvey and peter schmeichel. strike up the yes see if you got a game coming up until. we started up the taliban if it's much less alongside the center this is living levied on ok this is life isn't it both cup football great entertainment well most of it like it's been it's been a month. and it's been you know it's been it's been the party every day every day we come to work here every day the space you know groups of fans down there having
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their own party there's always a concert down here for the concert stage and just honestly it's it's we've got one more day left and ok it's been it's been hard work it's been a long long long month but it's also been so when joyful and it's kind of sad that it's over you know don't say it's an open spring and i don't i really honestly think this has been a fantastic welkom had the football that we have seen has been incredible the atmosphere in the stadium has been you know elected the atmosphere here in moscow on the red square it's just been something that i've never experienced in my life. and it's just you know it is the fact that we only got one day left that's why i'm glad that we got the jazz bands going to lift our spirits and the good thing is it's a party everybody invited to go much use the company let's not forget one coming up in st petersburg in just under two hours time it's the third fourth place play off probably night if i wanted to be in that game but it's still a chance to grab. some headlines and not golden boot award is still up for grabs
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will be carrying will it be. let's go else also knows what score five goals in a match six need six plus someone can score so if somebody could do it let's head to st petersburg just outside the stadium for the parcel east. so lots of fans want to see football everybody wants to catch just warm mole match what they like that. a lot. yeah that's right it is building up the atmosphere here in st peter's by we've got to speak to a few fans in the build up to the game and many of them actually quite excited as you said you know this is still i didn't call it's ok for england if they win today it will be the. best finish since one thousand nine hundred sixty six so that would be a third place finish so there are you know the shoots of encouraged but you know we did speak to a number of funds as well and quite frankly they were a little underwhelmed by hops and saying that they would rather be contesting the
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final so more evening in moscow than they sky. just would you rather the wins tomorrow who lose the finals you know howard out on win tomorrow probably says not about results it's a very good results i'm proud of england playing a final is more important than playing for the third place i think that is the i mean that is unique right but it will be or best result if you get the play so i think absolutely will go for the first and fourth is nothing he said no one remembers for the four people you remember the first or the second got to the final news yeah definitely. yeah we should be there on the final because we want our president proud. are you confident for tomorrow you decide you think you can win trim four zero i guess for sure yeah. people here in the studio in moscow i am very curious to sort of know the
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proportion of angry fans belgian fans and russian fans so who is most represented. i would say pizza today i've seen mainly russian find you can get a bit confusing because you'll see them wearing a england belt. schutz you got to talk to them and they'll say i know where russian there have been a small number of them found here actually yesterday was pop's more difficult to find numbers of them the more belgians as a belgian ballroom nevsky alvin you in st peter's but i cannot spin healthily populated by belgians but today i have to say i've seen more english funds going up a number of them we spoke to just get this off to do saying look we don't want to be here we draw the be in the final but while we're here let's enjoy it as you guys are saying let's make the most of potentially seeing how we came in winning the golden boot that would be great progress for him personally and so there were you know things that encouraged out but i would say definitely you got the majority of
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the people who. are russian actually as well we've seen people from countries that haven't qualified i've seen people from bangladesh people from sri lanka chinese as well a large number of chinese supporters his so really so many people just wanting to get an opportunity to watch a world cup game where possible. i guess but they are. the second practice in the country in time to take in sport before the world cup was active the usa so the russian yellow is always like a lot of the u.s. forest is on here with a lot sun let's just find out a bit more from a society such as i had to remove that you've been taking a journey of your road talking about the journey of the supporters what have you been up for. yep so i've been taking in st petersburg it's fantastic city i've been here probably well out of the month i've
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been here for about three weeks and i've been taking in some sights myself and taking different ways i've been on the rooftop told off taken about so and yesterday we also managed to go around the city in one of the capacity that's a classic russian call dating back to the soviet era and managed to get a unique view. of the city. there are many ways to explore the city of st peters but you can get a rooftop view all you can take one of the many bullet holes around the city oh. you can take it one of these the cup a cup which is a classic soviet vehicle and. this is sort of set a few muslim name my grandma. so
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it's going to drive us around the city he's going to give us a website as it's going in this love because i'm joined by brando for results so i'm going to enjoy these sites together that's going to go to the school that's good. now that brazil how to use a boy in the next in the final in the final probably croatia because the dogs have elected bananas all doing something in brazil but i'm. looking that's nice they've gone the year and a dance this week on music and a dance. floor. to go into the central close and beatles roaming fuel on the stage and i had a son he said. obviously you've
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been to the stadium you went to watch the semifinal that's one i would do you think of the stadium i'm not into the stadiums but this one is amazing. i'm loving it. really going to take it home drive back to brazil exactly. ok we've been bringing you some fantastic guests today and they're only getting better we're joined now by and it's a fantastic title as well general of the supremes committee for delivery and legacy for the twenty twenty two world cup. thanks for taking the time because you must be very busy watching everything that's been delivered here in russia so it was eight years ago you found out you were going to get the chance to host the world cup for years to go are you ready to deliver how far along are you already we're on a path based on the plan that we set up our first stadium was ready last year will be ready by the end of this year by twenty twenty one all our status will be ready
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our infrastructure will be ready as well the metro system will be up and running by two thousand and twenty fully operational by twenty twenty one where we are excited very excited and what we saw in russia has made us even more excited how many venues as we were planning for stadiums waiting now for the final number for between eight or nine we're confident that the operational model we have is sufficient for an eight stadiums or do you hope for forty eight teams or thirty two teams because it's not been decided that i don't know it hasn't moved over from faith to be a common decision between. so now we're starting with his ability of expanding it to forty eight however all preparations as of today are thirty two teams so there's a bit about the move to what people are calling like the winter will come now it's been extremely hot even in russia so we can understand it's just it's just not feasible to play when it's going to be like fifty degrees so everyone understands why it's being moved one of the challenges that's going.


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